Are you at work long hours or travel?

Do you work long hours or are you planning a vacation? No need to worry. We offer mid-day visits for those long hours when your running late at work/school, pet sitting for traveling plans, and small dog  boarding at our home (some restrictions apply). Boarders and day care dogs must be spayed/neutered, vaccines up to date, well behaved, not distructive, and potty trained. No exceptions. 

In addition to exercise, playtime, meals, cleaning, we can administer medications and perform other pet-care needs. That’s why in-home pet care is the choice of pet owners and the “pet-preferred” method while you’re away.

We treat your pets as family and will only get the best care that they deserve.  You won't have to take your dog or cat to a boarding facility where the level of stress increases with loud noises and barking, cold metal cages, and having them exposed to other animal illnesses. When you return home your pet will thank you for you choosing to leave them at home and they will be happier and calmer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

We offer:
-potty break visits
-pet sitting visits while you travel
(includes feeding, potty break, and cleaning after your pet)
-doggie day care at our home
(indoor and outdoor playtime) some restrictions apply.
-boarding at our home (no cats or snakes) some restrictions apply.
-dog baths

why is a meet and greet/contract forms mandatory?

A meet and greet allows for your pet and pet sitter to meet and get familiar with each other. All pets must be friendly. Unfortunately, not every meet and greet may go well. Both parties need to be comfortable with each other. This also goes with the pet sitter and the owner.

Our services require that you read, fill out, and sign all documents and contract at meet and greet. For legal reasons no services will be performed without documents, that's why we request several days before booking services, so we go through them with no hurry and in case it's not a right fit for either party so you can make other arrangements in time.

How do you take care of feeding time with multiple clients?

Feeding times will be between 6-8:30 AM and between 5-7:30 PM. Please keep in mind it is nearly impossible to see multiple clients exactly at 7 AM. We will complete our visits in between the hours stated depending on the pet sitter's availability. 

How much notice do I need to make reservations?

If you are a new client, the earlier you call the better because we must have our Meet and Greet before we start your service. A meet and greet is mandatory to start services. Once you are an established client 2-3 weeks' notice is preferred, but shorter notices can be worked out with communication.  Great communication is the key when scheduling visits and availability. Holidays book up very quickly so please book early! Some holidays we will be closed, please ask for details.

Are there any breed restrictions?

We do not discriminate against any breeds, we love them all, but we do require that ALL pets are friendly. For our safety and their well-being, it will make it very difficult if not impossible to visit your home and care for them if there is any aggression noticed. This is why the meet and greet is so important and mandatory. For our home boarding we are only taking small breeds at this time under 15 lbs as we have a full house of pets and several small dogs of our own with special needs.

What if my pet has a medical condition that requires medication or extra care?

Selba has many years experience as a veterinary technician and has worked with many different types of pets and those with different needs. Selba and Juan can administer any medications your pet may need. Selba has experience with injections as well, in case your pet is diabetic. Please let us know of any special needs so we can best assist you and your pet. There is no additional charge for meds. Again your pet has to be friendly to be able to administer medications.

Do you have any references?

Yes, we have references upon request. 

What are your payment arrangements?

We accept cash, zelle, and cash app payments at this time only. No checks. 50% is due at reservation and the rest can be paid when services end when your pet is rendered.

Do you charge extra for holidays?

Yes, we do charge extra for some holidays. There is an extra $5 per visit and a $10 extra a day for boarders.  Because we do book up fast and or the major holidays we do ask for your understanding on our visit times as we may have multiple homes to visit. We ask that if your pets are scared of fireworks or storms that you make the proper arrangements for any medications needed in advance for the holidays. This will assure us both they will remain comfortable and stress free.

What if my pet gets ill or injured while away?

As we know anything can happen, accidents happen, pets can get ill while you're away. We would follow the emergency information provided on your forms and contact you immediately. In the case we are unable to contact anyone, we will take your pet to seek medical attention immediately. There will be a $30 charge for transporting to vet and $10/hr while waiting at vets' office for your pet.  In the event your pet is in the hospital for any reason, hospital expenses will be taken cared by you directly. Payment reimbursement will be discussed at meet and greet with the contract.

How will I know if the pet sitter has arrived at my home? 

We understand you may be away on vacation or busy, but if you want us to call or text you each time we arrive or leave your home we can. Please make sure you ask us to do so. We hate to bother our guest unless needed or asked to. Also many of our guest have cameras, neighbors, gate entries, etc that will confirm our visits. If you don't have one and prefer a video or pictures sent to you we can also do that.

How will we know of our pets status?

We do love to send pictures or short videos of your pets. Our clients really love our pictures, gives them peace of mind.  Also, with your permission we post our client pictures/ videos on our social media, that's another way to see them while you're away.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday


Saturday - Sunday


major Holiday updates 2022

*New Year's Eve- Open, last visit 5 pm
*New Year's Day- Open, last visit 5 pm
*Easter- Open
*Fourth of July - Closed for boarding, open for pet sitting, last visit 5 pm.
*Halloween- Open
*Thanksgiving- Open, last visit 5 pm
*Christmas Eve- Open, last visit 5 pm
*Christmas Day-Open, last visit 5 pm

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About us

 Fur Friends Pet Sitting owner 's are experienced and love animals.  Due to their love for animals, they have made it their mission to make it a stress-free environment for pets when you are away. Selba and Juan have experience with all types of pets, dogs, cats, birds, small pets, and reptiles. They have a zoo of their own at home ranging from all types of parrots, several dogs, and even some fish and turtles.  They created this family-oriented company where their clients feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe that their pets will be in good hands. They are reliable, flexible, and friendly. Selba and Juan are there for you when you can't be.

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